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I had both hips replaced about 5 years ago over one winter. I had had pain for many years, probably 10, and had seen all sorts of Dr.s and quacks. Quacks included chiropracters and massage therapy. None of it worked of course. Was starting to take some heavy duty pain medicine and didn't like it, didn't help much either.

finally saw a dr that showed me an x-ray with my right hip. No cartiledge, almost no ball in the joint! bone on bone for years. The Left wasn't as bad, but was also bone on bone. No wonder I walked funny.

Also, I could not spread my legs far enough apart to get on a motorcycle or even get my feet around a typical lawn tractor.

Got new right hip, and within 3 days was walking with a lot of help, and 4 weeks was walking with a cane, and took my wife dancing for the first time in years. About 2 months later, did the other hip. This time was walking almost the next day. The difference? First hip was traditional long cut J shaped opening. Second hip was modified cut about 1/2 the length. I asked my Dr. about the new hip replacement that had just two tiny cuts and he wasn't comfortable with that. Probably is now, and if you can get that, the smaller the cut, the quicker and safer the recovery.

Before surgery I had major pain in both knees and ankles. I was within a few weeks of ordering a wheelchair.

Today, I am pain free, including ankles and knees. Riding my motorcycle (Dr. doesn't like that, he says wrecks are bad enough, but with all that stainless steel in your legs, it can get messy, still I only have so many years left, and want to enjoy them fully) and walking more. I still have to watch it, and at just 55 when I had the surgery done I may have to have them replaced once more (Dr. said I wasn't the youngest double hip he had done, but I was close).

Today when I see people hobble around in obvious pain I KNOW what their problem is and advise them to get the hip surgery done sooner rather than later. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

Heck I used to hat dancing, but after hospital gowns, catheters, hospital baths, and more, being embarrassed on a dance floor is the least of my worries!
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