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You may be able to modify the foot peg position a little, but the right side gets a little complicated because moving the foot peg affects where the brake pedal ends up. I haven't messed with the foot pegs on a new Ural- it may require a torch and some ingenuity.

Foot room is a common problem on Urals(and older BMWs for that matter). Often it it more a matter of getting used to it than actually needing more room. I was reminded of this when Arno let me ride his GS rig yesterday. You might need a little more time than just a single test sit to get the feel of it. See if you can find someone near you with a Ural fitted with a bench seat and give it another try(or two)

On the subject of bench seats-Ural has made a number of versions. I like the older really firm upholstery. Some of the soft bench seats they've made are no better than the tractor seats in my opinion. You sink into them and are afforded little or no real increase of seat hieght and are not able to easily slide back on them once seated. You can easily have a bench seat upholstered to give you the height and feel that works best for you.
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