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Originally Posted by Hektoglider

We pull into Eagle Plains.Its cold, we go into the lounge and meet some other riders heading south.They provide us with great info on the road up ahead.thats Squonker there in the yellow,glad to be here!

Dinner for a buck. Or however much Ichi-Ban noodles cost, plus the 5 Arctic Grayling from earlier in the day.Tent camping of course!

Nice oasis in the middle of nowhere.Good hot showers too.
Hey bud, good to see your report. It was good riding with you, the way we rode alone but still had eachother as backup on the Dempster was great.

And I have to say...we pulled into Eagle Plains at about 11pm, tired and both emotionally and physically beat from our ride that day. The wind was howling and it was cold - we'd gone inside and had a beer (the chap with his feet up on the table was good enough to foot the bill) and all I wanted to do was go to bed. Hektoglider wanted to eat his darned fish and I could see he'd be hurt if I said no, so I put on a brave face and cooked some noodles up. But that meal was one of the best I had throughout my whole trip. In fact it may have been the best because it's still the one that stands out. Nice work with that fishing rod, dude!

Keep this coming - it's good (especially photos of me!)

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