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Originally Posted by Phred
Well, I went and sat on one (gear up) yesterday...and I think I'm too big.

I'm 6'3, 250.

I also had trouble with fitting my right foot between the bottom of the carb and the peg. And this was in sneakers...I didn't even have my boots on.
I'm almost 6'2 - size 11 shoes. My dealer (OVC in hillsburgh, ON) setup the tractor seat to be higher than stock (he just used some steel stock to make a spacer plus some extra long bolts on the seat and then doubled up on the rubber mounts - works well)

He also setup a little luggage rack with a square buddy seat at the same height - more of a classic look, but it gives some of the advantages of a bench seat while keeping the tractor seat up front. (but you can still scootch back a few inches)

I'd probably be fine with a bench seat, or even the tractor seat at stock height - but the extra couple inches do help I think.

The spacing on the brakes and shifting took a bit of getting used to - but no problems after a bit of riding.
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