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Back into the Yukon...

Looks like the grocery truck is up outa the ditch...

We all made it back to EaglePlains and camped out.Fueled up in the morning and rode onwards...

We rode past the Ural, then stopped and turned around and backtracked a few hundred metres to talk.I wanted one of these really bad a few years ago, and somehow did not end up with one.Thats Spicy McHaggis riding it.

I would ride like a maniac way ahead, then stop and fish.I would see the bikes zoom by...Then I would bag my fish, ride like a maniac and get way past them.

I knew the trapper cabin would be a good place to stop and cook the fish up.The roof offered some protection from the light rain that was threatening.

Even had a chair to sit down in...

I caught up again at Hwy 2 at the gas station...what a ride! Time to go see whats happening in Dawson. D2D starts in a few days.
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