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Originally Posted by SteveRed

I have been a little concerned like other here about the filter on the XC.. Unifilter make the Pod filter but it is like a container that fills with grit, bugs and even stones. I went to Unifilter and sat down with their tech guy in an effort to sort the problem. Especially since I wanted to remove the airbox cover completely so my TT tank fitted more easily.

We have come up with a nifty 'Pre Filter' for the XC. It works a treat and will go into production within a week. I have some proto types to play with and here are the first pics... BTW it will fit under the outer air box cover but you will need to remove the inner cover to fit it. I have completely hacked my outer cover to accommodate the big arse tank...

The big tank now fits easily, and plenty of air gets under it. The pre filter is lightly oiled and sits over a cage that slots onto the frame of the pod filter that sits inside the airbox. The pre filter is a coarser foam but will make your filter last much longer... We now have a chamber encapsulated by foam before the air gets into your airbox. However flow charts show that it does not restrict air hardly at all, and once you have replaced your inner airbox cover with the pre filter, it works much better! The production units will be of a much higher quality finish.
So is there any word on the new filter?
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