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Haida Cabin

I stop at the shipwreck and get a few photos…how cool! the quad tracks are from the people at the campgrounds who run the beach exploring.

I follow the simple directions the elder gave me and find the cabin. Not knowing what to expect, I am very satisfied upon opening the door, a nice stove, tables and 4 big bunks. All the windows were intact. The structure was built in the traditional longhouse style with the two large poles on either side of the door supporting the other two long poles that hold the roof up. There’s even some paper plates and candles there.

The sun is out, my shower is heating up, I got lots of food and water. This is great, I tune in my small am/fm radio and get a station. I can relax here and plot my trip for the rest of the way through BC as none of it had really been planned very well. I can go beachcombing, gathering firewood, and then get back off the beach to my cabin where I am sheltered from the wind, and hide out for a few days. I plan on organizing all my gear and taking a decent break from traveling. I still can’t believe it. That’s what I mean by talking to the locals and you never know what will come of it.

The tide will come in and make riding on the beach difficult, my bike is safely parked on the deck. The day turns to night, and I sleep really well. The following day I take a ride further up the beach and I know the low tide was many hours ago but decide to do it. I ride and the hard sand turns to loose gravelly stuff the further I go. The far end of Rose Spit is off limits to motorized travel. That’s Tow Hill in the distance.

I am kinda reluctant to leave my belongings in the cabin and ride the bike very far, so I head back. I do some firewood gathering and then decide to make a water run to the campground and while in that area do a hike up to the top of Tow Hill.

I get back to the cabin and am deciding what to have for supper when suddenly two Haida people show up……..
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