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Hey whaddaya think about this hack?

I am thinking about buying a 1979 honda CX 500 with a velorex hack.

this is the bike specs

here is the actual rig

shaft drive, which is interesting to me, but I want you people's opinion on how this setup would work. I got myself paralyzed last year, so without some mods I wouldnt be able to test ride it, but I got lots of time on my hands to work out any kinks. The owner said that it had a "shimmy" from 25 - 30 mph, so I dont know much about sidecar geometry and dont know what could cause that.

Do you guys think this would be a reasonable ride? I would need it to haul me and my wheelchair and 80 pounds worth of crap several thousand miles, do you think it would be an okay ride?

thanks in advance for your opinions.
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