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Originally Posted by Snaildrake
Hi folks-
I'm looking hard at the naked SV650 (used) after selling my 640 Adventure - not for dirt, just New Mexico pavement and maybe gravel, that's all my body can take. I'd like to find a bike that is comfortable for occasional solo and two-up day rides, not long-distance traveling. Can anyone comment on stock vs aftermarket seats, peg position, whether passengers + bags works? Anything else to look out for with this model? My wife and I together only weigh about 280, so I know it has enough power. ~Snail
If you have the Givi bags with the SW Motech racks, a passenger will fit fine. I don't know about an aftermarket seat, I have the stocker shaved down. I did a 700 mile day on it on Sunday, and was pretty comfortable the whole day. Of course, I'm 5'3" so I'm not cramped at all with the pegs where they are. How tall are you?
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