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Elefant tool kit

Originally Posted by flygirl
Hi all,

I'm off to pick up my new (to me) '95 'fant this weekend, and make the 700+ mile ride home with it. I'm wondering what I should pack in the way of tools for the kind of road repairs that might come up. Does anyone have a handy minimalist list? I'm looking for wrench sizes, sockets, stuff you wish you'd had, that sort of thing. Basically, anything beyond the Leatherman and duct tape that are already in my bag.

hi mate, you should get one of these to follow you

but seriously, just keep an eye on the oil, and if the original tool kit isn't with the bike then 8,10,13,15,17mm spanners, 3,4,5,6,8mm hex keys, plug spanner -short box type, philips and slotted screwdriver, 6,7mm nut spinners. one of those foam puncture fix in a can things. just take it easy and i'm sure you won't need any of it. would be reasuring if previous owner has kept it well maintained.

safe journey

ps don't get paranoid when you hear a funny noise
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