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A little bit offtopic - may be need to be posted to Tenere tread... Before you read this: I actually like new Tenere a lot and really tempted to buy it. Just for information. Believe it or not - I do not know. I am just sharing what I heard.
Literally 2 days ago I found some loads of info about how it lives in real life. We were on big offroad ride with mostly big DRs ( I think about 10 of them?), one KTM 640 Adv, Rally Superten and one XL600 Dakar for all day from 9:30 am to 6:30 PM and were lead by the guy who truly is riding God. He was riding old Tenere (that big tank version, forgot exact name) like he was born on it, on really hard-enduro like terrain and knew every gap in forests around.
He somehow was one of like long time official testers for Yamaha on new Tenere and ridden one to its death. He said: very good for soft riding, do not push it.
After he rode it same was as his old Tenere new one had some troubles:
1. Rear flappers, numberplate and all tail fell off. And I think if I understood correctly rear part of frame (subframe?) cracked.
2. Exhaust link pipe-header cracked and broke on left side under pillion
3. Rear wheel rim cracked
4. Front fender cracked in few places
5. Footpegs - something was up with them, not sure what...he said it in Dutch and I missed it
6. Even when front fender was OK on water crossings or in heavy rain water was getting straight under front mask and under headlight and literally spraying in his face from hole under headlight. He said it needs small flapper on front forks under mask.
7. Side stand have tendency to fold and you need to be very accurate and unfold it all the way.

Eventually he said that engine is sweet and rear swingarm is great too, forks kinda OK and brakes good as well, and he loved that grey plastic on sides for saving bike from total demolishing. With all that he did not crash it on hard ground at all, he just rode it as he rides his Tenere, he was positive on that. And bike now with Yamaha for some analysis. Perhaps they will be doing some changes or something? Anyway, positive part is that Yamaha guys DO care on what riders think!

For myself I (beginner) found after that ride that DR is SO much more capable than I thought and that changing tires to reall offroad tires, knobby kind is a must to be able to really ride it. My Mefo Explorers became useless moment I was hitting wet mud and clay, which for me (a beginner) was not that confidence-inspiring. Clay made them look like sleeks for Moto GP. Great on other surfaces, bad on mud. Other guys did let me see how Big should really be ridden in forrests and truly rough terrain....By God they were quick!
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