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This thread needs a bump.

My first K-Series, 1987 K100RT.

I fitted an RS belly-pan and the BMW-Clarion radio-cassette player. Loved that bike but it ate fork seals (I think that was fairly common with the early un-braced K's).

A little over a year ago I saw this bike on eBay fairly local. I went and had a look with the idea of bidding and restoring it.

The RS belly-pan was still there, as was the radio-cassette player. The top-box was missing and an LT seat fitted.

I knew that I'd spend too much putting it back the way it was and probably wouldn't enjoy the ride after so long anyway.

Next K I owned was arguably the best of the breed (if a little too focused for some).

With some ingenuity (and some soft luggage), my then girlfriend and I managed to spend a happy three weeks touring Spain in the early 90's.

Great bike for munching miles. I do miss that one.

I used to ride at work, had a couple of K100RTP's and K1100RTP's. The 1100's never felt as nice as the 100's - too much rubber mounting made everything seem remote.

I did have a K75RTP for it's life and wanted to hate it. I soon came to love that little, eager 750. It was unbreakable (I did try in the early days until I came to realise how good it was).

A couple of years ago I saw a nice 75C outside my local dealership. It had cases, screen and 36K miles showing. I asked who it belong to and was told, "You if you want it!"

It was a P-ex. I figured that they'd get sod-all for it from the trade (they're still under-rated) and made a silly (low) offer (about US $500). To my surprise they agreed!

So now I have this;

I thought I'd just use it occasionally (my main bike is an 1150GSA) but I find that I have wracked-up the mileage to 93K since August 2006!

When I bought it the rear shock was toast, I bought a 100RS one on eBay. Apart from one pair of (cheap) tyres, it's just been oil changes.

My GS is still the bike I use for travel but the 75 is everything else from nipping to the shops to popping over to Paris to see a friend.

I love the fact that the rear tyre is one size wider than the front of my GS, it has no ABS, no Servo assist, no semi-linked brakes, a drum rear (that I never use), no Para-lever, no funny front-end. In short it's a form of two-wheeled purity that still has real-world performance and it really rewards planned riding.

Like Boxer's, the older K-Series have easy access to the oily bits, another good reason to own one.

(I have plans to sort out some cosmetics one day. Knowing me, it will turn into a full-on restoration. eBay seems to be stuffed with cheap parts as no-one seems to want 75's. I've been buying stuff in preparation. If I'm not careful, I'll end-up with enough to build another bike!)
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