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Originally Posted by CaspianTiger
I'm thinking about bidding on a new Dnepr sidecar (no bike). The minimum bid is $1300. Appreciate comments on the cost. Too much? About right? Good deal if it's under $1500? Etc. Etc.

Dnepr sidecars are fairly robust and Ural mounting hardware will fit. People often base the price on that of a new Ural sidecar which was approaching $3000 if available last I checked. I think about a third that or a little over is fair for one without rust or dents and with a straight axle, so, yeah, $1500 isn't bad. Really the price is what you can find and what you can stand to pay.

Dnepr wheels are weak and should be replaced if you are going to hook it to a heavy bike or ride it hard. Ural wheels are better and some BMW wheels will fit. Jay(Dauntless) or one of the other shops can probably do an axle upgrade for you if you need to go to a different wheel.

The most common way to fix a bent axle is to replace the swingarm. Ural swingarms won't fit and Dnepr parts can be hard to find at times
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