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Found Load Resistor

Oh. yeah, it all comes back to me now. I looked into this earlier in the year but have been severely sidetracked. The message about replacing the flasher got me looking in the K 1200LT service manual again about replacing the flasher, and the memory returned! I wanted to use a resistor because the flasher on the bike is about a, well for me, a 4 hour job to excavate and swap. Tupperware and the tank have to come off for starters. I'll save that for when I do my 12K and try to figure out why the gear indicator only shows 2, 6 or blank (and there is no 6!) after the wiring harness had to be replaced. Anyhoo, I found a 6 ohm load resistor for 5 bucks at that should do nicely for now. Thanks for all your replies and jogging my memory.

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