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Originally Posted by Clydascope
Way to go Al! I still haven't ridden yet, my bike is tall and heavy and I'm chicken to get on it. My surgeon gave me a stern warning when he released me from the hospital - "you athletic guys screw it up all the time by pushing too hard too fast." I've been heeding that warning as best I can.

Last weekend I walked 4 miles non-stop! Most of it was on a dirt road with a slight incline.

It felt fantastic.

So have some massages and acupunture.

4 miles non-stop?!?! You animal!! I'll get there soon, but for now my body is readjusting to using both legs properly. Suprisingly enough, there's very little soreness today, and I plan to get what's left to go away by swimming.
I've already dropped 20 lbs. during this whole process, and I'd love to exercise about 25-30 more off. It can be done, but I need to be cautious about doing too much, too soon.
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