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Originally Posted by 800rider
was wondering how the engines compared for power say if you are passing a vehicle travelling at 110 kays, my Dr with loud pipe cut air cleaner top and jetting absolutly stonks at that speed nothing ive ridden has more top gear pull from 100 to 140ks including KTM950 adventure or GSX1100 suzuki and what about general open road cruising is it relaxed at 110 to 130kph how would they compare , Just interested since you own both
Ah ok. I would definately say the 800 got more pull at 110 kmh as you say. It never hesitates even if I overload the bike, the Ten struggles a lot more. I usually kick it down a gear if I'm going to pass a vehicle at that speed since the Ten delivers the most around 5500-6000rpm (110kmh ~ 4200rpm on top gear). On the 800 I just pull the throttle. So, when it comes to brute force the Ten got nothing on the 800, the Ten has a wider rpm range though so it's easier to handle.

Still the Ten is a bit more comfortable on open road cruising. If it's not too windy, going steady at 160kmh isn't a problem while 120kmh is the most relaxed. The suspension works really well, the bike doesn't vibrate as much as the 800 (part from some annoying vibes in the handlebar) and the windshield does a good job. Took the Ten on a 2000 km trip, and the first thing I did when I got back home was taking the bike out on a cruising in town. I think that gives an idea about how comfortable I think the bike is. The engine is a bit weak though and could do with some modding..

@ztaj: Really nice bike and that water makes me wanna swim. =)
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