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Originally Posted by stiingya
Great that you had the percevierance to keep working on this despite some fairly harsh critiques early on!!! Good on ya...

Bout time somebody put out a nicer looking and improved fairing for the KLR. My brother bought his KLR last year and couldn't believe that there wasn't something already out there considering the amount of aftermarket support the bike has.

I should preface my remarks by saying the "new" sportbike-ish looking fairings on the new KLR's have been growing on me... the more I see them the more I like them...

But what IDIOT at Kawasaki had the lame idea to to throw ninja headlights on a dual purpose bike??? I assume they were chasing Weestrom sales, but they sure did a weird style thing on that bike???

I like your fairing MUUUUUUUCH BETTA... especialy the twin's.

I had hoped the minimal KLR reinvestment was because they were going to come out with a new KLX650, or maybe a dirt orientated Versys based bike? But I aint heard nothin...

At any rate, hope to see a DRZ fit option for the mini fairing your putting out...

Funny you mention the "08 KLR. You might recall that when I did the original 'concept KLR' for the '07 Vancouver M/C show, it happened to be the '08's first public viewing. People were pretty shocked when they saw the two of them side by side ! One had clearly headed the design towards the street and the other (fitted with knobbies, WP front forks, black rims and the prototype XS fairing) clearly headed in the other direction !!!
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