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Cool. Yup, Aiken is my preferred multi-line dealer too.

The sidecar.... well I originally bought it for severral reasons, to keep myself riding, and to exercise a post operative back, and execise my heart. Then Dad wanted to do some riding...yadayadayada. I know riding a 900lb rig in the woods sounds stupid, but it has built up my back, knees, and heart to the point where I can once again comfortably ride the street on 2 wheels, so I'm ready for the woods too. It's only got 10K on it(6000 miles) but that has been a bunch of exercise sessions in one year. It served me well, and has made me well. But I wanna return to 2 wheels, so the War Wagon has gotta go. Can't afford it and 1 or 2 more bikes.

Where are those woods pics...Sumter? Man...we gotta go ridin' when the DR gets here. Gotta get all limberred up and re-toned for 2 wheels before we strike out for N.Ga., to run some of those DOGs down....LOL!

Great looking bike too!

You didn't happen to notice, in Aiken, if they had any...uh....BIG riding in maybe XXL jackets....did you? Gotta get a Camelback too. With the hack, I just threw the Gatorade in the sidecar....uhh, that won't be hapenning on the DR.

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