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Man that sucks about your back, but glad that you are good to go on two wheels again. I was looking at a rig just like yours so that I can take the dog along for the ride. What kind of MPG were you getting?

Aiken was sooo much better then THAT place in Augusta . The staff was friendly, they had more then 3 bikes for sale and the gear selection was pretty good. I did notice that when I went in on sat to finalize the paperwork the amount of jackets and pants they had on the racks was getting smaller by the min. I actually had to order the mesh Joe Rocket pants on-line from a place in NJ.

The first dirt road (the one with all the pine straw) was actually right by the Dam ( forget the name of the boat ramp). I went in about 1/2 mile before I relalized that I had almost no tools with me and limited experience I turned around.

The second pic (looking over the handle bars) was in Sumpter. They have tons of gravel 2 lane fire roads that lead off to who knows where. I used to Mtn bike in that area and I know that there is a 5-6 mile single track loop (un-sure if motor bikes are allowed) but I'll check it out this week. I also found some VERY detailed maps on-line that give all the nitty gritty about the fire roads.....but then again I might just ride and see where it leads me.

As far as a CamelBak's go... I use the HAWG and I love it. It carries 90 OZ of water as well as rain gear, tools etc.. Just make sure you get a cleaning kit with it. Gatorade or any other non-water beverage will turn the bladder into a science experiment in no time.

So... where else is there to ride trails around here?
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