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Originally Posted by Gustavo
Well.... I am not sure it's the same. At least to me the issues with buying an Elefant (or Gran Canyon for that matter) were not the same as when considering a Transalp or TDM. The fear of being left with an "orphan" bike with the Italian bikes was real, and as it turned out, pretty well justified. It's not just that that specific model isn't imported anymore, the whole dealer network was (in some cases still is) non-existant.

Sure, some parts are interchangeable with Ducatis, but not all are, and until you had the list figured out, it was hard to find the right parts. Not to mention that if you needed soemthing that was bike specific, you were SOL, even if your buddy Luca was willing to comb the Italian countryside for those parts. And that's a real shame, because these were some of the best Adventure Touring bikes around at the time. Heck, I know a nicely modified Elefant 900 that would give a run for it's money to many of the newer bikes.

Just need to remember to check the oil more often than on a V-Strom...

Mine looked just like that! A '94.
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