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Originally Posted by Molgan
Hm, my head is full of doubts. I had decided to sell the 800, just can't give any good reasons to why I should have 2 bikes that is basically the same. The plan was to get something more tarmac oriented instead of the 800 since I have the Ten for my offroad fix. This time it's for real, the bike must go.

Wen't down to my parents place where I've stored the 800 the last couple of months, they live about 120km from here. Drove it straight to the mandatory vehicle inspection, we have it every second year for motorbikes here in Sweden, that it passed with flying colors. Took it the last 50km home and I hit a lot of those sweet curves that the 800 likes so much, it runs steady like a train and the engine just growls and throws me through the bend leaning like a GP driver. Took an extra lap around the city before I parked it at home, and I wasn't so sure anymore..

I just can't get rid of that darn bike. =(
Hi Molgan, I'm with bluesman on this dont sell,
Just took my Dr out after finally fixing the sticking throtle,(will post latter about this with picks) but anyway finally was able to give it heaps in the twisties with out risking over running the corners,
O my Gosh are these things quick or what, I was with a my Harley and CB1300 mate,s we got to a nice bit of up to 160kph twisty section and I was gone, I had pulled the full 500 metre straight on them within 3 kays and I recon I could have gone a bit Quicker, The DR just seemed to steer perfectly Neutral and the power is spot on for these type of roads, considering I'm on Duel sport tires I'm real Impressed,

Dont sell your baby.

In New Zealand these bikes are very rare I only know of 1 other 800 so far in the country so I will never sell Mine, not a chance,
I notice that other bikers cant get over the 800 single decals on the side, another friend who has a DR400SM cant seem to stop staring at my bike when he comes around I guess He's trying to figure out how a single can be that big, and at the cafe today a Guy ignored the Harley and the CB1300 and just stared down at the DR's Side cover probably trying to figure out the same thing.

That alone is good enough reason to keep one in your garage. Chow

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