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Originally Posted by skag
'88 Ford Bronco II
Vile piece of worthless shit. I'm still pissed.
2.9L V6, am I right?

- Ford Ranger pu '88, both heads cracked
- Extended warranty for same. Both it and the standard warranty did me no good when the clutch throwout bearing failed at 8K miles.
- Fog City shields
- most of those compressors you can get for <$15 (been through several)
- Dell XPS with ultra-flexo-motherboard
- Impact driver set, which I bought on the sworn advice of a couple of Harley riders soon after I bought my first bike (a Honda). I really feel sorry for what those guys must be facing if they think that's an essential tool for a motorcycle.
- cheap Chinese floor jack, which couldn't even hold the lifting arm up with no load. New o-rings couldn't fix it, probably had voids in the casting or gouges.
- Bridgestone Trail Wings. Cost me big bucks too but at least I got a good motorcycle with them.
- Michelin tires for the SUV. Funny how they had an 80K mileage warranty when I bought them, which had morphed into a 40K warranty they wouldn't honor by the time they wore out at 30K.
- 65 Corvair. I got pretty tired of replacing cooked pushrod tube o-rings every week. It went through the 10-30 almost as fast as it went through the 85 octane. On the positive side I never had to drain the oil.
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