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Originally Posted by rburke3141
Another place Ive found to camp for free is small private airports. Since they are not lighted they dont operate at night and usually have picknic tables and porta poties. Ask for permission. Beware of the nice grassy area with automatic sprinklers.

I spent a little time knocking around the country in a Cessna 150. Municipal airports are are on your road maps and almost always have grassy areas perfect for a tent. I would land at dusk and taxi around to scout a spot to put my tent. The advantage to flying in was staying INSIDE the fence. Being female, I always slept better knowing I was in a more secure area. Twice the airport managers left the FBO buildings unlocked so I could stay in the pilot's lounges. BTW, many pilot's lounges have showers.

Traveling on my motorcycle, I have stopped at municipal airports many times to pee and get a snack from the vending machines. Most have an ice machine and cheap (or free) coffee. They also have "weather machines" to get a sneak peek at the radar. I have been known to let the weather pick my route. Also, I still love to look at airplanes so it is like a free mini air show for me.

With the new Homeland Security stuff you won't be allowed inside the fence most likely but you are likely to get permission to put up a tent outside of it. Many airplane folks are also motorcycle folks so the odds are pretty good.
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