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Tip of the iceberg

2000 VW Bug
My wife talked me into this nightmare. "They are so cute." Had the thing for 3 months and can't even remeber how many time I had to take it to the dealer for warranty fixes. Took a bath on the thing just to get rid of it.

Volvo S60
What a POS. Bought it for my wife thinking it would be safe. The Pig (car, not wife) was so under powered it was actually dangereous to drive. You had to plan way ahead just to change lanes. No wonder they make the body of the car so safe.

Anything from Harbor freight that has more than one piece.

Fieldsheer Troy Gloves
I think they are made of paper. Put my hand in the first time, and the leather tore, not the seam, the leather, and it was the correct size. I don't know what good they would do if I went down.

Im going to stop here. I feel a little better though, thanks.
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