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Originally Posted by larryboy
I'm very interested in hub center, but worry about wheel travel mostly. Strength seems to be there..LL is easier to build.

Maybe we do need a hub center thread?
When it comes to sidecars, Hub Center Steering is the bomb.

Steering effort is featherweight since you're not fighting the tire, it tracks -so much better- and the tire does not go up on edge when you turn it. Your contact patch remains flat during the entire turn of the bars, lock to lock.

Not only that, But since a hub center bike moves it's axle straight up and down as opposed to in an arc, your numbers are constant throughout suspension travel, you can get your chassis -perfect- with Hub Center Steering.

Oh, and let's not forget ease of service. Knock off one nut, or four lugs and your wheel is dropped off the carrier. Access to your brakes, spindle, bearings, everything... in about five minutes. As opposed to leading link which is a PITA to simply remove the wheel to get access to anything if you're running a meaty front rim like I am.

All high performance sport touring or serious performance sidecars with wide front rims should be running hub center steering front ends, it's the only way to fly.

I'll be thrilled when we switch over to an LCR chassis next year and I have the luxury of knocking off one nut and pulling a wheel right off our double wishbone front end.
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