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Originally Posted by Pezz_gs
Sounds like the go.

So where does one find info on setup ect?
Personally... you'll want to start by talking to the guys at the HP Sidecars Forum.

Look at the front end on this week's feature rig... sexy. I even see a concentric bottom adjuster for changing the caster.

There are several threads right now just on hub center design specifics and theory. Here's a new one for example...

And here's a cantilever A-arm setup on a Hayabusa HPS

and i very empressed of this system. This is the best i could find on the market. Also the break is out of the wheel and can better cooling by air while running. So also the break power is fantastic and cannot compare with other existing systems.

They are 2 breaks on the wheel. One (blue) is for the foot break and the second (black one) is for hand break.
So in case you can push both. Amazing

These parts look heavy, but you can't think in 'motorcycle' terms any longer, you have to think in 'race car' terms now, since once you slap three big wheels on a motorcycle you've essentally turned it into a very light and fast car. And if you do that... these components are pretty light weight for what they do.

Aside from that. Look at the photos on LCR's website and other professional Formula 1 sidecar builder websites.

I'm in the process right now of desiging my own F1 sidecar chassis in SolidWorks driven by the inspiration from I'm going to use all the drivetrain (minus engine) wheels, and suspension components on my monocoque chassis design sourced from the Radical SR4 and SR3 mass production club sports race cars.

Why redesign the wheel when you can order exactly the components you need right off the shelf from someone else ready to go and fit them to a chassis of your own design? Everything is there in the 'Suspension System' catalog to build a 100% complete turnkey Hub Center Steering front suspension down to the bushings for the A-Arms.

That'l give you somewhere to start.

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