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Originally Posted by tonymorr
Nuh ah, loud pipes save lives baby!

Yes, I am putting a silencer back on. I'm going to put the stocker back on for now so I can ride it. The stock can has got to weigh 20 lbs. I'm not kidding, it's crazy heavy. I want to get the exhaust out from underneath the bike. I was thinking a low, side exit carbon fiber two brothers. Anyone know a good custom exhaust shop? I also want to modify the oil pan so the drain plug isn't as low. I think it just sticks down like that so it's easier to drain when the plastics are on. Imagine a bike manufacturer making it easy to change the oil!
Actually, it WAS a silly question....I assumed you'd tend to the exhaust, but was curious about how. I think the Versys/Ninja has two key areas that MUST be addressed prior to even considering dual sport duty.

You've done the front end/wheel, which is one. The low exhaust is another. That's probably easier to attack than the front wheel, because you have plenty of room to be creative. I imagine that an upswept exhaust pipe with a can on one side just behind a side panel would work best. The trick will be getting the pipe bent to the correct angles, and then getting a suitable silencer. Mounting the silencer will require welding at least one tab on the frame. Also, you might have to do without a side panel, which may be no biggie if you're planning using Pelican bags.

Frankly, I'm ambivalent about the passenger pegs. I do think a third issue to consider is lengthening the rear suspension. I don't know if the frame geometry would allow that, and then if it's possible to get a different shock setup that would work. The stock rear suspension wouldn't keep me away from riding it like a dual sport, but it would impact how I could ride it and to some extent, where.

Regarding the oil drain plug, wouldn't the Happy Trails skid plate protect that? I'd want a skid plate for dual sport use anyway, so if that does work I'd just declare victory and move on.

Anyway, congrats again for the great work. I look forward to the next update.

We'll look forward to your next update.
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