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Eh? Exhaust manifold leak

A bolt is broken off on the right exhaust manifold flange. It is difficult to get to, because of the frame is in the way. It has been that way since I purchased the bike, but it did not seem to be leaking so I just wired the flange down so it would not rattle. But today, I noticed a rat tat tat tat sound and I THINK I saw the exhaust pipe vibrating away from the manifold (just a few thousands). I am now starting to worry that the exhaust may etch a grove in the aluminum cylinder head.

So…..I think it is time to make this repair. At first I thought best way is to remove the engine and have a local machine shop drill it out.

But after looking at it again, I think I might try first with a left hand drill bit. It will require removing the exhaust manifold, wheel and shocks, so that I can drill it straight. Has anyone else had this problem or know of a better fix….other then buying a new cylinder head!
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