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Originally Posted by Ridin Dirty
I was planning a ride out of Otis, MA in September. I'm familiar with alot of the roads listed in the lower third of the route. We were looking at riding up through MA on a more Westerly route to VT but I was just starting my research. My riding buddy has a GPS so maybe I'll get him to load it up. Someday I'll crawl out my cave. Maybe I enjoy being blistfully lost.

Has anyone ridden the Puppy Dog Route here? Almost all dirt? Any nasty stuff? I assume the BMW guys like their roads groomed.

I did the PDR in June... 2 of us each on F650 GS with tourances... I liked thge northern section better ... more dirt and better scenery and a couple slightly more difficult areas (rut's rocky etc) but nothing a noob (and I am!) could not handle.

The southern section was ok... and in its defense, there was likely more dirt than I saw cuz I got off course twice for sure...

Sunday we are heading up to do the Baley-Hazen north of Wells River VT

Pat in NH
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