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Originally Posted by Easy-Z
So this is for non-moto stuff too? Well here's mine.

Does anyone have a charcoal grill sitting around that they want to get rid of? I could do propane but what I'm looking for is something unwanted/unused that I can pick up for very cheap or free.

Zac, Home Despot has a new propane barbie for $80 right now. For the money it looks great. That is just about a better deal than free because it is new = no parts needed. I just ordered $280 in parts for my fancy barbie, it is three years old and the burners are burnt out. It probably doesn't grill any better than the $80 Home Depot model.
Originally Posted by Road Rash
I really want to do this, but have a prior commitment................that I am doing my best to get out of.
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