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strapping fuel cans to bike? suggestions or better ideas.

On a desert ride in Morocco in few weeks my buddies and I will need extra fuel for a few desert track crossings. We only need about 10 l each on two occasions so buying an expensive collapsible fuel bladder is out of the question. I've read a few threads on other sites about using water bags and the like but it seems a bit to iffy to me.
Basically I plan to carefully strap good plastic jerry cans to our bikes, and refill the bike's tanks as soon as there is room. I think that if we take reasonable precautions like not strapping the things to the exhaust and venting pressure buildup from time to time we should be fine.
I realize that this is not an ideal set up for the long haul but we will be out in the sand, there is a likelihood of some wipeouts but there's nothing to big crash into out there.
Any comments?
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