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Originally Posted by FTL
jegrmajstr--wish I could help! But I don't even know what Powernow Inserts are!

SkidMarx--that is some excellent advice. I had not thought of having my dealer lap the valves and check clearances….that is an excellent idea. I have been purchasing most of the new parts (OEM) from . This includes new head gasket and exhaust gaskets, I have already replaced the boots.

As far as the lower base gasket, it was not the money so much as another order and waiting for it to arrive, I will check it close. I will look at the rings and cylinder as well.

Now the only question is, should I go ahead and pull the whole engine off and blast/coat the frame!
I did.
It also gave me a chance to inspect and lube the suspension, stearing head and wheel bearings.
Plus I like taking things apart.
Once the engine is out, you don't have much farther to go.

If the base gasket is in good shape, I'd reuse it. Mine was on and off 2 or 3 times and it never leaked until now.

Originally Posted by [COLOR=#ffffff
jegrmajstr[/color]]I remember that one of you used home made PowerNow inserts, but the webpage that originaly had plans with dimensions on doesn't work anymore. So has anyone an AutoCad image or anything useful so I can make them myself?
I'm the one with the home made PowerNow inserts. Honestly, I don't know if it was worth the hastle, but it was winter and I was bored.
I did get the template from the website, but I wasn't able to get the scale perfectly. I used some flashing from Home Depot and did a lot of trial and error got it to work. I'll see if I can find one of the templates pages I printed. It will at least give you the general shape.
Did they help?
I don't know. I did so much stuff it's hard to tell what made the most differance. The bike does run cleanly now through the entire throttle range so something worked. I think I lost a little on the bottom, but I gained it on the top. I do not have that annoying surge/hickup around 4500rpm like I used to.
My bike needs a bore/piston/rings so it's kind of hard to know what the true benefits were.
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