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Originally Posted by laramie LC4
you can pull the enricher but i hardley ever do. its usually never dirty and dosnt need adjustment. you certianly can pull it though and check. another thing that i didnt know about, was the fuel screen in the fuel nozzle. i had someone over at ktmtalk show me it. i never knew it was there.


I'll have to read back thru your guide and look for the fuel screen/fuel nozzle assy.

Oh yeah, I reassembled the enricher (aka choke) and thought I might share a thought or two and some pics. First off, if you are going to disassemble and then reassemble this you will want to do it with the carb off the bike, or at least with the throttle assembly out of the way. With things like this:

it was a pain in the buttocks. I found a way to get it reassembled but that was only after quite a few search and retrieve missions for the slide valve and/or spring after they jettisoned into the bowels of the engine... so what I did with these parts:

was WRONG (see GK's post below, so the remainder is edited after looking at the parts fische). So you should slide the spring over the cable end and then connect the slide valve onto the cable, maybe pull the lever on the handlebars to help hold them together, but they should stay together OK this way. Then you can try (and try, try again... ) to push the assembly into the carb and tighten the cover/nut to secure it. I ended up using needle nose pliers to reach the nut, and was damn sure not to give it too much torque because it's only plastic.

Mine was clean and beautiful after over 10K miles so I guess you are right Laramie; might not be a necessary chore. I did it originally instead of disconnecting the cable from the lever.
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