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Originally Posted by John in Seattle
I was tempted to call this a clone of the Arai XD. But this dual sport helmet has a sticker on it indicating '93, long before Arai introdced the XD. So maybe the Arai XD is a clone of this Bieffe 3 Sport?

It's ugly, scratched but not stinky, the foam and strap look fine. It is DOT approved but I don't see a Snell sticker on it.

I'll take $20 for it, if it's not worth that to someone I'll bandsaw it in half lengthwise and mount half of it on my garage wall as decoration. I'll sell you 1/2 of it for your garage wall for half that price
Not trying to shaft you out of $20, but that helmet isn't safe to wear. Anything that old should be replaced.
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