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Originally Posted by jegrmajstr
Great, that's minimal I know it's an educated guess, but if it's under 10mpg it's nothing. We'll see if the bike can reach 90 mph or even more, with proper longer gearing ofcorse
I expect an increase in mileage with proper jetting. Of course, that gets balanced against the fun factor effects of having a bike that actually runs right.

I got 85mph (indicated) even with a nasty high-speed miss. I get up to 75mpg riding mellow (twin-track or country roads), but down to about 50mpg on the freeway (ie. wringing it's neck).

After further jet testing this weekend, I think my miss is really a bad condensor. For the carbs, I'm looking at 124/112 main jets, which is consistent with what you flatlanders are reporting (my house is 7500 ft, where there's about 6% less air in the air).
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