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Originally Posted by DoctorIt
This photo reminded me of the one (very small) thing I didn't like during my test ride on this new GS: that brake fluid reservoir! I'm sure it's not going anywhere, but that fully rubber mounting lets it vibrate around like crazy, and it's up fairly high enough to be in your field of view = distracting.

Hey Phil, and others, any comments on the Vario cases? How's the mounting? Are they the same size as the 12GS Varios?

good stuff, thanks!
I had the F650 cases, never had them on a GS. Much better than the F650 variant with the four latches, one bar that smoothly expands them or puts them back. I really like them, I also like not having the aluminum skin, which would grind through and fly off in a get off, DAMHIK.

Spacewife wants them for the ST, thank heaven they don't fit.

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