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Originally Posted by Houndman
I would like to know what you suggest for jetting?
Mine ran great stock, so I never changed it (it's whatever is in the owners manual). The new KTM's have a leak jet installed in the bowl, which I think is key to helping the response.

Originally Posted by Jimmex
My questions are 1) exactly which Akropovic can did you fit and is it USFS approved? 2) I fitted the same hardparts tank and I'm getting 50 mpg plus; the problem is that when the level gets down to the last gallon or so the fuel flow is interrupted even after I switch the petcock to reserve. Have you had this happen?
1) SXS-08.530.512, and yes it is spark arrested (not in the garage so can't go look for the stamp, but every ranger around here does a rod test which this will pass).

2) No, mine's been fine. I'd suggest pulling the petcock out and blowing it out with some air/ carb cleaner in the event something is lodged in it or the screen is partly obstructed.
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