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Backing up a little - Day 1 was from Tulsa, OK. to Medford, OK. - 222 miles - and I don't remember it. Don't even remember where we slept! Couldn't have been too exciting!
Day Two Medford to Guymon, OK. - 285 miles - I remember HOT and my buddies crashing in the sand!

------------------- Day Three--------------
Hit the road again - on the long, lonely, wide open roads of OK.

Still finding shade when you can

And making do when you can't

Made it to NM

At this point, The general was hanging back about a mile pretending he was Big Dog or Gasspipe. I was following Burt when he stopped in some shade to wait and regroup. No General Lee???? Turned around to find him and we realized we missed a turn. Back on track, we figured (read hope here) he was in front of us now. Rode up to a fork in the road, with a little debate, followed a sign that said bikers with an arrow, instead of the GPS. Wish I had a pic of the sign. And yes, the GPS had screwed us before and will again!
What's up ahead -- a nice hill climb in the middle of all this flat land!! We're lovin' this and then it's over. Just a little teaser I guess. Look who was on top - The general, not lost at all.

Burt on top

New Mexico didn't last long so we must be in the flat lands of Colorado

Now that's a coustom fit - Look at all the stuff that is on that bike - May I have a cappuccino please?

Opened a gate to take a break in the shade and watch Burt eat a can of sardines and crackers - man that looked good, may have to buy some later. Another thing I learned from Burt during that break was that a Granny Smith apple will survive a fall from a 747 at 33,000 feet and still be edible one week later.

Made it to Walsenburg Co. and Burt pulled into a RV camp ground under ominous skies. Parked near a covered picnic table, peeked in the door to check out the shower facility's and decided to walk across the street to a pizza hut. Some teen extreme church group had the place jumpin' and the General was about to enforce martial law. Finished eating, told the General to put his riot gear away and walked back to the bikes in a thunder storm. At least it waited until we were through riding. Burt claimed the picnic table and General Lee was scouting out a wind break to pitch a tent by. I looked around and told them to just pick me up at the motel on the way out.
I've been accused of being an airborne ranger candy ass, but hey, when comforts are within walking distance, why not!! Lee's eyes lit up and told Burt to pick us both up. I just smiled - The General is a candy ass too!
Lee and I cranked up the bikes, (well he cranked and I kicked) put them in gear and headed for a motel when this toothless redneck came running over yelling "What the f*** do you think this is, a rest area?" Tried to talk to him but he was buzzed and not listening so I just let out the clutch and blew him off. The General on the other hand would not let it go so easy. After awhile he realized the guy was brain dead and finally released the friggen clutch. Later, called Burt from the comfort of our room and warned him about toothless.

Burt setting up under the Hilton

Next morning - Day 4, Burt picked us up and IIRC he also had a continental breakfast

The obligatory shot of the old church

That afternoon we rolled in to Salida Co. and looked up Hayduke and Bonnie Appzug

Changed the 15 tooth counter sprocket for the 14 - now running 14/47

Went out to eat and had a good time with our hosts - Great people and a nice town. Would like to go back and frustrate Duke - trying to teaching me how to fly fish. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Hurricane Ike is coming, Later- Chuck

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