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Thumb Wahhhhooooo story time.......

Good start Chuck and I'm looking forward to more and while I wait I have to add my little comments.

Hey looky there, Burt looks like he posed up for the 2009 hot biker hunks calendar. Burt does your family know you're posing for next year's calendar. Ohhhhhhhh Live2Ride and BGunn did you know your dad was such a hot hunk? What can I say.... I'm a sucker for a man with a cool bike and looks like he really does ride. Good picture Burt but what's with the foo foo furry seat pad?

That looks like it came from Idaho

How many times do you suppose we'll see a Keystone box during this ride report?

Hey Chuck, I have a couple pictures of you just like that but in Baja. I think the only time you slow down for pictures is when it's time to change your oil.

Chuck, take cover from Ike and stay safe.

Burt, Lee and Rick you might want to be sure to pop in with your comments just to protect yourselves

Meanwhile I'll just eat my popcorn while I wait...... Someone pass the Diet Pepsi
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