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And we’re off. We’re going minimalist. No GPS, no maps (we’ll get a few along the way), no tent, no stove, no odometer. Just the clothes on our back, an extra half gallon of water and a bottle of whiskey. We head east over the Wasatch mountains and here’s our first view.

We stop off and pick up a friend with his WR. He informs us his odometer still works so we’ll know mileage for a couple of days. Packing is easy when you don’t have much.

And we’re back on the trail. This day was pretty tame. Mostly gravel and two track roads.

We worked east into the Uintas and down to Strawberry reservoir on more gravel.

A quick gas stop for the WR and……

a cold Clamato for the KTMs.

We climb and follow a ridge road east.

We pick up a nice section of single track.

Nice and smooth flowing in 2nd and 3rd gear.

By this time we’re already used to the large tanks and the extra gear on the rear fender. These bikes are a pleasure to ride on this stuff.

We’re back on the two tracks now with a good amount of mileage behind us already.

There are so many routes through these mountains, many marked on maps, many not. You just have to pick one and see where it takes you. We started following less traveled routes.

After a couple of dead ends and some route finding we got on to a gravel road heading down to Duchesne. Dead ends are frustrating but there’s no way to avoid them when you are searching out these less traveled routes, trying to link them all together.

Then we set up camp for the night. It doesn’t take long to put your kick stand down and lean up against the front tire. Boom, your home!! We build a fire and through some potatoes and corn on. We stick some steaks onto a fork and cook them over the fire as well. A little whiskey and we’re blah blah blahing about the successful day.

Mileage: WR-200 miles, KTMs-around 240.
Route: Mostly gravel and two tracks with a great section of single track.
Difficulty: Easy riding.

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