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Originally Posted by KLRKeith
I know that I just met you, but I think that the condition of your "not so" High-Viz Aerostich might be the reason for your sucky commute in the South County. The rest of your neighbors just don't know what to think of you........
What? You mean the Strom's chain ain't noisy enough to scare em off like those Harley pipes?

Ok, you got me there. Yeah, it's been retired once already. Time to get it sent back for a 50,000 mile refit.

No room to complain though. Without that Roadcrafter, I wouldn't have merely busted up my wrist. I'd probably have broken my elbow too.

While ain't nothin' gonna get that thing clean. It needs a good inspection, wash & nikwax, and new armor tho.
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