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Your favorite Macgyver moments\tricks

Macguiver and I were BSing about our favorite moments and we thought you guys would get a kick out of them. I have to run out and change 3 sets of tires right now but I'll be back shortly to mention my escapades.

for now

The springs from a ball point pen make excellent spring replacements for most handlebar control switches and throttle tube retrievers.

Paracord works great as a clutch pull when your clutch cables goes.

zip ties hold the rods in a rod shifted car just long enough to get you up to speed....before melting again

soda caps filled with that rubber stuff for tool handles make great makeshift shifter bushing for your Shelby turbo car.

The potassium in a potato can seal small hairline cracks for a short length of time. cracked hoses, e.t.c. I wouldn't use it for any high stress area though but it's one of those things thats good to know just in case.

Dead battery? no one around? have tylenol? crush it and put sprinkle it on your positive battery terminal, drip some coke on it and let it fizzle. wait 60 seconds. Start the bike (I have to double check if it was actually tylenol or some other common pill but I have heard it a few times but never tried it myself) Same for certain wines.

Need to break in your clutch\flywheel in a hurry? coke! (not pepsi or was it the other way around?) Picked up this tidbit when I had to change a clutch in the staging lanes at Michigan speedway about 10 years ago, I think that was a world record time clutch swap on a roasting hot turbo motor.

Here's some more

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