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Originally Posted by Stromin'Nroman
What was that hanging in the tree?

I cut it down and hid it at the new site.

I thought there was a physical tag and that was it.

Please refer to my first post in this thread about my inability to follow directions.
The hidden objects retrieval is a different game called geocaching I think but over there the object doesn't move. Yet in this game several people could go to a tag in the same day and the first to post wins. So you haven't accounted for that with the little yellow paper since the person to grab it first might not be the person who wins the tag at the end of the day. Still it may work for a while, but generally the less complication the better. You don't want people arriving at a tag and worrying about tearing the place apart looking for a yellow paper that may not be there. You can leave your mark by spelling out ADV with rocks or twigs if available at the tag.
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