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The next morning we pack it up and bid farewell to our comrade who must head for home. He picks a route through Green River, UT and heads for Price then over the Strawberry Ridge and down to home. My partner and I, however, are just getting warmed up. Today is when we start getting into more challenging and fun routes.

We take a quick peek at the Colorado River and head east through Grand Junction.

Next we start climbing onto the Uncompahgre Plateau.

We’ve never been here and don’t have a map so we’re just on gravel to start.

We work over the top for a while until we come to a very detailed map along the road. We choose some single track routes that’ll take us in the direction we want to go and……

Here we go!!

This was a nice trail using mostly second gear.

It flowed nice.

There were a few spots where we had to make a few moves but nothing major. This is where these nimble bikes are VERY nice.

You could push bigger bikes through here but you’d work a lot more. These bikes are made for this stuff.

More single track with the La Sal Mountains in Utah in the background.

The trail opened up a bit more and we’re using 3rd more now.

We spit out of the single track and it’s time to follow a gravel road down to Gateway.

This view about blew our minds.

Down in Gateway we got fuel, food and water. We saw a couple of guys pull up on these bikes so we thought we’d find them and shoot the shit. When we found them they said they had been up on the Plateau as well during the day and got into some single track that was getting a bit technical for at least one of them on these bikes. The two of them were hanging out with a married couple that was doing a route from Durango. They were all people who are on this forum. We can’t remember what they call them selves here except for the gal goes as “Fat Wife”. The men were smoking cigars and spilling as much beer on the ground as they were getting down their throat!! Fat Wife had obviously had her lips wrapped around a bottle of Chardonnay for some time before we arrived. We liked their style. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again.

He headed down the pavement a few miles and started working up a valley.

Our map showed a few routes that would take us up to the La Sals out of this valley.

After talking to a couple people that we ran into, we found out that the routes didn’t go through due to private property. This section took a little concentration late in the day.

We followed this trail out to an overlook where we camped and planned on heading back down to the pavement in the morning.

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