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Originally Posted by HaChayalBoded
Dead battery? no one around? have tylenol? crush it and put sprinkle it on your positive battery terminal, drip some coke on it and let it fizzle. wait 60 seconds. Start the bike (I have to double check if it was actually tylenol or some other common pill but I have heard it a few times but never tried it myself) Same for certain wines.

Need to break in your clutch\flywheel in a hurry? coke! (not pepsi or was it the other way around?) Picked up this tidbit when I had to change a clutch in the staging lanes at Michigan speedway about 10 years ago, I think that was a world record time clutch swap on a roasting hot turbo motor.

Here's some more
The first one wouldnt do anything, doesnt even make sense really. Cleaning the terminal(s) on a dead battery wouldnt really do anything, besides asprin is an acid, so is battery electrolyte :shrug

Second one, i dunno, contaminating a clutch disk is what it sounds like but i've never heard of that so im not sure exactly what it does.

Other tips are awesome though

I rebuilt the fuel pump on my beetle once, i drove about 10 miles away and it ran out of gas. Turns out i forgot the e clips that held the fuel pump rocker arm pivot in. I took two pennies and placed them on either side of the pivot for bearings, and wrapped electrical tape around the whole assembly to keep them in place. I then drove all the way back to the shop to install the e-clips i keep those pennies ontop of my shelf to remind me.

I put a chain on my minibike when i was younger, i then rode it about 2 miles away from home when the chain came off, turns out i forgot the masterlink clip (can you see a pattern here?). I found a piece of stranded copper wire holding my distant neighbours mailbox lid closed so i ganked it and stripped a wire out of it, and used that to tie off the posts on the masterlink until i god home
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