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Was doing some backwoods trail riding wth a couple friends, had my CR500, a Suzuki DR400 and a big KTM mxc, 540? older one. The Katoom stopped running but would start on choke for the brief second before the choke dropped down. Pulled up the choke shaft and crimped a penny around it with mah trusty Gerber pliers. KTM friend had run off with the Zook to find a bit of help, I mounted up the CR and my other friend was willing to try the Katoom, after a bit of accidental wheelie practice we made it back to camp, the ranger fully impressed with the hack and was fetching a strap to surmount a rescue witht the parks ATV.

Seems the slider was worn, wiggled and the main jet needle had snapped but the vac would suck it up at higher revs.

California parks rangers are the best I've met.
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