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Note to PhilSpace

I know some Americans might think of the EU as a homogenous market (Ebay tends to). Europe may be close geographically to Britain, but to describe it as "local" reveals a lack of understanding of the importance of language and culture.

Don't believe me? Look at the 29 previous posts on here. 27 are from the UK. One is from Dublin (Eire) and the other from the US. If this seems odd, consider your reaction if you came across a website where, say, Texas was lumped together with Mexico as a "region".

Give the thread the title it clearly deserves: Replace "EU" with "UK", "Europe" with "Britain" or "British Isles".

Up to you whether you think it's worth having a separate "For Sale" thread for The (european) Continent. The (lack of) posts here so far would suggest not. But it would only be fair.

And in the Regional Forums, if New Zealand, a country of 4 million counts as a discrete "region", then surely Britain, with 60 million...?

Of course, if Britain were to be recognised as discrete, there are many things, eg planning trans-europe tours, where Britons would still turn to the europe forum.

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