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Here's one from today, if you've ever had to work on a fully faired bike you know its a bitch to do even the simplest of repairs. Anyway after removing half the parts from the front end just to replace a 6" hose I replaced it and put it all back together. Only I forgot to plug the rad fan back in.....I had to once again remove the oil cooler, reservoir, radiator, radiator support brackets and some other crap just so I could get to it. but before all of this I had to drain the coolant again.

I cleaned the newest oil catch can I had as best I could so that the coolant I just put in wouldn't go to waste. Then I cut up an old t shirt and made a filter for the oil can and poured the coolant into a clean soda bottle. I used another piece of shirt on the bottle and poured nice clean antifreeze back into the bike.

in retrospect I would probably have had an easier time pouring using a couple of coffee filters instead. Pouring through fabric is slow and I had to squeeze the hell out of the bottle to get it to come out.
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