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This thread was requested by a member who posts in the European forum as a convenience only. We don't allow flea market activity in regional forums, but the request was interesting and seemed like an exception might be worth a try.

I would suggest that if someone in the UK, or any other country, really was interested in selling something "regionally", he/she would have many other more productive options, to include forums such as UKGSer, or any one of the many local or regional forums.

The intent of the thread was to assist the people who routinely visit or post in this forum to bring attention to threads that they might not normally see in the Flea Market.

Due to the post count, this thread was probably not needed, and really doesn't even warrant being a sticky, but it also hasn't consumed any major resources or distracted from anything either. IMHO, if it has helped anyone, it was worth it. Again this thread was an exception to policy that never caused any additional effort from a management standpoint, which was our concern. The proliferation of additional threads like this for different areas is not an option. At that point we would require all for sale posts be posted in and follow the rules of the appropriate flea market forum, which is closely managed and groomed over time.


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