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Originally Posted by Inane Cathode
Once again, wouldnt ever work, even in the best circumstance.
head it enough times, saw a few videos of it too. I have a bunch of spare batteries and enough red wine to go around, I'll try it myself.

Originally Posted by Inane Cathode
MacGyver tip: Using a zip tie as a hose clamp.
great long as it isn't a pressurised hose or anywhere near a part of the engine that would get hot enough to melt.

Originally Posted by Inane Cathode
Not a macgyver tip: Changing your summer air for fall air when the season rolls around.

Originally Posted by fixer
sounds like you're combing and mixing the tricks of adding crushed aspirin to the battery electrolyte to boost it, and using coke to remove rust from metal.

i've never tried the asprin IN the battery trick, but i've heard it works from some people who have tried it.

highly skeptical that coke or wine on the terminal will do anything.
I'm not sure which it is, I know the wine trick has to be poured INTO the battery. As for the asprin or tylenol I'm not sure if it goes into the electrolyte tubes or is crushed and sprinkled on the terminal itself. since you say coke removes rust I would assume you crush, sprinkle on the terminal, add coke to resolve the rust while solidifying the pill to the terminal while giving it a slight electrolyte boost.

Originally Posted by isa671
Problem: Had a co-worker's Speed Triple leak coolant all over the place while on a ride. Turned out it was a hairline crack in the radiator.

MacGyverism: Threw in half a teaspoon of black pepper (restaurant packet) in the radiator.

Outcome: Black pepper worked its way to find the small leak and eventually expanded and filled the leak.

Conclusion: Flushed out the cooling system and replaced the radiator.

Disclaimer: Don't drink the pepper flavored coolant.
Thats an oldie but a goodie. to others reading it must be black pepper, not white pepper (which is found is chinese resteraunts)

Another stop leak alternative is eggwhites. not sure how well it works but MacGyver did it.
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